UU Copenhagen – Youth Guidance Centre of Copenhagen

Korsgade 30
DK - 2200 Copenhagen
Phone: +45 3366 2300
Email: uu@buf.kk.dk
Website: www.uu.kk.dk

UU Copenhagen 

A service institution under The Children and Youth Administration, City of Copenhagen.

Educational Guidance and Counselling 

UU Copenhagen caters for students from year 7 in the public and private schools of Copenhagen.

The education planning includes composing an individual education plan and participation in a variety of guidance activities.

UU Copenhagen offers young people under the age of 18 – who are not in a satisfactory guidance, education or job situation counselling about choice of education and job. 

Young people between 18 and 25 are offered education and job counselling which is primarily targeted their choice of youth education or secondarily getting a job.

Ministry of Education – info about guidance in Denmark.

Facts about the City of Copenhagen

Population: 550.000
12 - 15 years: 17.000
16 - 18 years: 13.200
19 - 24 years: 67.500
App. 30% of this age group is bilingual.

City of Copenhagen, the different administrations:

  Lord Mayor
Frank Jensen
Mayor Jesper Christensen
The Children and Youth 
Schools, UU, Health 
Visitors, Pedagogical Psychological Guidance
Mayor Mia Nyegaard
The Social Services 
Social workers
Mayor Cecilie Lonning-Skovgaard
The Employment and 
Integration Administration
Job Centres 

In Copenhagen there are 69 Folkeskoler/municipal, public schools - including special aid schools.

Children enter compulsory education in August in the calendar year of their 6th anniversary. Parents are free to choose any school within their municipality.

The Danish Folkeskole is a comprehensive school covering both primary and lower secondary education, i.e. the first (Year 1 to 6) and second (Year 7-9/10) stage basic education. In other words, it caters for the 7-16/17-year-olds.
The education in the Folkeskole is free. Info about the Danish public schools.

In Copenhagen we have very many private schools.
All that is demanded of private education is that it measures up to that of the Folkeskole.
The number of pupils attending private schools is about 28% of all pupils + 2% “efterskole”.
Find more info about private schools in Denmark.

Facts about UU Copenhagen

App. 140 employees

  • Two teams of counsellors (East and West) covering all schools (public and private) in the city.  
  • One team of Youth counsellors catering for students in Year 10, the 15-17 year olds and young people up to 25 years of age.  
  • One EGU/STU team of counsellors.
  • Project employees in different projects within the field of guidance.
  • H.Q. in Korsgade, Administration.

Major Aim

2015: 95% must complete a youth education programme (vocational or other) after 10 years basic school. 

Special programmes

Production schools - for more info.

EGU (basic vocational training) - for more info.

STU – specially designed education programs for young people with disabilities/severe diagnosis/low IQ

Work training programmes – and several other options and activities to encourage and motivate young people to choose an education.

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Links where you can learn more about the Danish school system and guidance:

For more info about UU Copenhagen, please contact:
Peter Schantz, Head of UU Copenhagen +45 3366 2300